Dearest Friends,

Two Gypsy Villages

We prayed for an opportunity to share in 1 gypsy village and God gave us 2 villages. The program was very well received , but I will not be able to show you pictures. The gypsies said they thought we would take their pictures and use them to make money. So, I did not take any pictures so they could not question our motives. You would have loved their smiles! The sound of their laughter was precious!

It is such a privilege to tell children about God’s rescue plan for them. These children live in hard places. Some live in new government housing, but some live in their cars. Many of their parents struggle with alcoholism. Today and yesterday, for an hour, they were just children, having a wonderful time. Please pray for them to put their trust in Jesus! We have friends who will follow up with them.


I have never met so many people who speak English in another country. Everyone is studying it here. There is a group of older ladies who are studying so they can speak to their grandchildren who are growing up in America. Many of the children at the orphanage had good language skills, but the nuns spoke to me in Italian. A little English can be dangerous. A gypsy boy said to me , "Is this a show about Indians or is it a musical?" I did not know what to say. I just smiled!

30 Years

Monday , I met with a ladies knitting group and taught them a Bible study. I spoke on forgiveness and how it marks us as believers. One lady began to explain to me how these verses did not apply to her. She lives in a 4 room apartment with her son and his family. She has not spoken to her daughter in law in 30 years. She does not speak to her grand daughters. She gave her son a Bible and he refuses to read it. She is the only believer in her family. I think her attitude is making it hard for her family to trust in Jesus. Please pray for this family. She cannot show them God’s love until she let’s go of the pain and shows them God’s love the way He has shown her. Pray!

The Orphanage

Tonight was such a blessing! We drove far out of town to an orphanage run by Catholic nuns. The lights of Mostar were very far below us as we wound around mountain roads. The children clapped when Peter walked on water. They were really into the story. I always pray for special wisdom when speaking to children who have no father about God the Father. I want them to understand that He is the Father they ache to have. Please keep praying for these children. I think they loved the program best of all the children who have watched it.

In Jesus, Linda