Dearest Friends,


Today we did three shows in very remote villages. The roads resembled dry river beds with very large rocks. We were all surprised that we were actually able to get there. The children were precious. No one ever goes to the places that we went, and they were so delighted by everything they saw and heard.

The atmosphere here towards Christian ministry is changing. We cannot pray with the children in the schools when we do the shows. However, we can tell them how to pray and so we trust that many of these children will come to faith.

I wish you could have seen their eyes. As Tik and I were telling the story, they stared at us with such intensity. They were so hungry! Funny things always happen at shows. Five people climbed on a bench so they could watch the show from a window. Just as we were starting the Gospel part of the story, the bench broke in half. Many of the children and even the adults kept running behind the stage because they wanted to see how we were doing what we were doing. No one sees these children. Will you please see them and pray for them tonight?


On Sunday, we saw lemurs and monkeys! Today we played in a river after the three shows and rode home soaking wet. On Monday, we had the joy of training children’s workers from 8 different states in Nepal. Some of them traveled for 2 days. One of the young men said that he was happy with his long journey; it was worth it. We also equipped them with many tools that they can use to tell children about Jesus. We drove through jungles. We looked out on fields of rice and wheat and watched them harvest. We saw high mountains. All of these things are gifts from God our Father, and we feel very blessed.


This is a very dark place. Presently, they are having a Hindu festival and so there is a great focus on worshiping their false gods. When people pray to idols, they are actually calling on our enemy and so that makes our job more difficult. We have found out some very disturbing things about how children are used in some temples. Many explanations are offered for what the children are doing but the reality is they are being sexually abused in the name of an idol.

I have been thinking a lot about Amy Carmichael, pioneer Irish missionary to India, who rescued so many children from the temples there. There is no one to rescue these children. We need you to pray. Please ask God to raise up more children’s workers here in Nepal that can speak of Jesus’ rescue plan. There is so much pain and suffering here. Only Jesus can heal these deep hurts.


Tomorrow, Anna and I are teaching a women’s seminar. They are expecting hundreds of ladies from all over the area and we need you to pray for us. We want to say what God wants said. Please pray that we will hear the Father’s voice clearly.

Our theme for the conference is “Fixing Our Eyes on the Unseen”. We are using 2 Corinthians 4:18, “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal”. We want to encourage the ladies to live with eternity in mind as they follow Jesus with all their hearts.

In Jesus,

Linda, Anna and Tika Ram Baral