Dearest Friends,


We did three shows today in extremely remote villages in the shadow of the Himalayas. The mountain was named “Ganesh” after a Hindu god. There is little knowledge here of the one true God and in the places where we were today, the story of Jesus was news. The children and the teachers were absolutely enthralled with the program! When I told the story of Devereaux and the pirates, they all turned to look at the ship that wasn’t there because they were all so caught up in the story. Though we are not allowed to pray with these children, we told all of them how they could pray and ask Jesus to rescue them.

Because these shows are in such remote areas, there are always some curious things that happen. A drunk man came and offered me 10 rupees for my story. I explained it was free. Sometimes the children clapped in places where we didn’t understand why they were clapping. A goat was tied dangerously near my pirate’s coat. We passed a headless water buffalo being roasted on the side of the road.

Life is very hard for people here. We saw old women carrying burdens today that you would not believe. They climbed up steep hills that were more like cliffs with what appeared to be several bales of hay. People work very hard and they have little comforts in this life. Anna and I do not find it easy to travel to places that we are going, but we are both full of joy. Please pray for all these children and teachers that heard the Gospel today. Please pray for our driver as these are exceptionally bad roads and he must be constantly alert. Cars here drive on both sides of the road.

This is a beautiful country! The mountains reach toward the sun and the rivers are wide and clear. Please pray that the people of this land will discover the Creator of all this beauty.


God did some very beautiful things at the women’s conference yesterday. Many women came from a variety of churches and some of them traveled great distances. I believe our friend Santi best expressed what the Lord did. She told us that she was richly blessed and challenged by what she heard. She promised to take the teaching that she had received back to the ladies in her village. This was our hearts’ desire. God answered every prayer!


Tomorrow, we have an 8-hour drive on roads that cannot be adequately described. We need you to pray for us. We need you to especially pray for the show that we will stop and do along the way. We are travelling to the Eastern part of Nepal where we have never worked before. We will be sharing with a group of people called “Matheses”; they are predominantly very traditional Hindu. They are very poor and in many ways an unreached people group. There are hardly any Believers among them. We need you to go ahead of us with your prayers.


It is very expensive to work here and though we are doing all we can to cut costs, it still requires a large investment. I need your help. If you have a heart for reaching the people of Nepal for Jesus, would you please help me cover the cost of this trip?

In Jesus,

Linda, Anna and Tika Ram Baral