Dearest Friends,


Imagine standing in front of 1,000 Hindu children plus their teachers and telling them how they can know the Living God. Imagine our joy as we shared with them how Jesus could rescue them and deliver them from all their fears. The school where we were sharing is politically affiliated with a very radical Hindu party that hates Christians. It is a complete wonder that we were allowed to go into this school and speak so openly about Jesus Christ. The children were so eager to get a good view of the show they were practically crawling over one another. Older high school students were watching from the second story balcony of the school to get a good view. The construction going on behind the show completely stopped as we started the program so that they could hear what we were saying! We were told that almost every child and teacher in this school was hearing about Jesus for the very first time. Please ask the Father to help them remember everything they heard. There is a local pastor that will visit this school again and continue to talk with the children about Jesus.


We are now in Eastern Nepal. We arrived yesterday after a very long drive, stopping along the way to do the one big show. We had trouble finding a place to stay, but God sorted everything out. We are planning on being in a remote village area tomorrow and doing three shows. We need you to go ahead of us with your prayers as this is a strongly Hindu area.

As we drove further and further from Chitwan, it seemed that we left any semblance of the West behind. Now everyone is wearing saris. I have seen as many ox carts as I have cars. Most people are walking and carrying huge loads. They either pile them high on a bicycle or put them atop their head. I am only 5’4” and I tower over many of the ladies here. We went to the market today and found it fascinating. There is no way that I can adequately describe to you the abundance of vegetables and spices and monkeys!

This morning we spent time with a precious group of believers that had come from many different villages and we were able to encourage them. But all of us felt that they blessed us in greater ways.

These people have deep faith and are so faithful.
In Jesus,

Linda, Anna and Tika Ram Baral