Dearest Friends,


Yesterday I have a chilling conversation with my friend, Tika Ram Baral. He confirmed what I already feared. He believes as I do that we may only have a five year window to reach the children of Nepal for Jesus Christ. This country is rapidly moving toward becoming a Hindu state. Since last year, the climate has changed significantly. We cannot pray with any of the children in the schools, though we can still tell them how to invite Jesus Christ to be their Savior. We trust that Our Father can deliver these children into light.

The other day, I sent out a simple request asking for help for the expenses of this trip. It grieves my heart to tell you that not one single person responded. I rejoice in the generosity that you have extended toward the children of the Middle East where we are seeing many Muslims come to Jesus. However, we need to have a commitment to reach Hindu children for Christ. Hinduism is an evil religion which causes billions of women and children to suffer greatly because of its oppressive attitude toward them. I believe that we do not see these children because they are not in the news, so they are not in front of our eyes.

We have been sharing with children in Eastern and Central Nepal. We have trained many village workers to share Christ with children. These newly trained and equipped children’s workers cover 8 states. However, there are 14 states in Nepal, so you can see we have more work to do. We are seeing thousands of children hear the Gospel for the first time in their lives. The cost of this trip has exceeded $15,000. This includes the tickets, the equipment and the great cost of reaching these remote places.

Will you see these children? Will you help me?

In Jesus,

Linda, Anna and Tika Ram Baral