Dearest Friends,

Hungry Children

I am working with Syrian refugee children in the northern part of Lebanon. All of these children are from a Moslem background. Each day, these children are hearing about Jesus Christ and how He can rescue them. This program is run by our friends at “New Creation” (Ana Insan Jadid) and their director is Mahfood Malek Mahfood.

Today we had a wonderful opportunity to do a puppet show for many of the children in the school. I wish you could have seen their smiles and hear their laughter. We told them how they could know God and how Jesus could give them hope. We prayed with them. Each child was given a gift bag with toys for themselves and the other children in the family.They also received gloves and a chocolate bar. Each bag also had tooth brushes.
The children have been receiving a simple lunch every day. However, “New Creation” is running short of funds and had to stop feeding the kids. I would really like to see these children have at least one meal a week at the center. I believe that this would be a very sweet witness for the Gospel and it would meet a real need of the children. I never think it is enough to feed a hungry child unless you feed their souls. At the center, they are getting both kinds of food.

In order to feed 120 children and their 7 teachers who are also refugees, we need $160 per day. I would like to see this happen at least one day a week. If you are interested in helping to meet this need, I will have a friend from “New Creation” helping me to check my e-mails over the next 5 days. We will report to you on how many children we can feed and for how long. Please make this a matter of prayer. These little ones need your help!


Zeina is not a name of a little Lebanese girl, but the name of a great, big Lebanese storm. Presently, it is raining and snowing. I love snow! However, this storm is going to close the schools and keep us from the children. Please ask God to protect the children and make a way for us to get into the schools.

Shahida, Taghrid and Many Other Little Girls

All of the children at the center have very sad stories. Shahida came to the puppet show today. She is sad and lonely and misses her daddy. He was killed during the war in Syria. Her mother had no where else to go and sought the help of family. This has proved to be a very difficult situation. A hard life has become harder.

Taghrid’s family came to Lebanon as refugees. They tried to build a life in the South but they were mistreated by people they trusted.
They saw their dreams crumble. Many of the people that I have met can no longer dream. Please pray!

In Jesus,
Linda for Mahfood, Norma, Hassen, Georgiana, Jihan and Amy