Dearest Friends,

Great News!!!

I am so happy to tell you that we have 3 days of food for the Syrian refugee children! Praise God! These funds are in addition to the funds that I already collected and delivered to them a few days ago. I also brought some new puppets and 7 suitcases of beannie babies, toothbrushes, metal cars, and other gifts.

My friends and I have been checking the emails together and they were so happy to see that 3 days are covered! They plan to do it once a week , so that for 3 weeks the children will get a special treat. Most of us never think of eating as a treat. I will send the funds by western union when I return home. You will be blessed to know that every single day these Moslem children are hearing about Jesus with a Bible story and one on one counseling. They have seen so much and hurt so deeply. Thank you for helping them see Jesus!!!

In Jesus, Linda for all of us