Dearest Friends,

Hilef’s Story

Hiked is a ten year old little boy who comes to the center my friends have for the Syrian refugee children. His father died in the war. He has one brother and two sisters. He dreams of going home , but does not understand what has happened to his home. The world he knows is gone. This is the story of too many children. They are confused and hurt and some are angry. Their only hope is the rescue plan that God has for them through faith in Jesus Christ. If they are forgiven, then they can forgive.

Hiked was one of the children at the puppet show that we did yesterday. The children smiled at me and some remembered me from last year. They told me that they had missed me. They asked me when I could come again. I heard them call on Jesus. God is wonderful in the blessings He gives us!


This is a lovely little village with a strong orthodox tradition. There are also Catholics . The other near by villages are mostly Moslem. Many of this villages young men are in the army. The view is beautiful as you can see mountains and olive groves from here.

The local school is attended by Lebanese and Syrian children. Today they were all happy as they enjoyed a puppet show. We all had so much fun. The teachers and the principal want us to come again. This is a gift. Please continue to pray for these children. Ask the Father to help them to think about Jesus and His love for them. Please pray for them to come to faith.

In Jesus, linda for all of us