Dearest Friends,

Praise God!

Thankyou for your generosity ! We have 6 days of food for the Syrian children and a little toward the 7th! This is amazing and very encouraging to our friends here who work with the children. This means that for a month and a half they will get to have lunch at the center one day a week. This matters. Always the children hear about God’s rescue plan for them and every kindness they receive strengthens their understanding of God’s love. Today,
Sunday, is the last day to help with this project. We extended it a couple of days because people began to write and say they hoped their gift was not too late to be included. Again, I very grateful that you see these children .

A Glorious Day

Saturday morning we did a big show in a big tent. It was full of refugee children. They have lost their homes and their friends. Many do not know if their familly members that are still in Syria are alive or dead. They stared at me as I told the story with old eyes. They have seen too much. Still they cling to the hope that all children hold. They still dream.

They listened to the story with hunger. They were eager to hear about Jesus. Please pray that these children will hold onto Jesus. Please also pray for the second group of children the I shared with last night. They were an unexpected blessing! I went to bring a mission report to a group of adults and found 25 children sitting all over the floor. We had thought we might have a few kids so we grabbed a suitcase of equipment. We had forgotten it earlier in the day and in God’s providence, it was there when we needed it. Children prayed with me, calling on Jesus. It was a beautiful evening!

At both of these shows, we saw God move mightily . We laughed when my translator got confused. I told the children that they were a treasure to God. She told them that they were a sweater to God. The words in Arabic are very similar. We gave all the children in both places gifts that you gave me for them. Please keep praying. Your prayers are keeping us safe. We had to pass through Tripoli yesterday to reach the children. Everything was fine, but last night 2 suicide bombers killed 9 people and injured 37 more. God kept us safe , but please pray for this place.

In Jesus, linda for all of us