Today we had the sweet pleasure of telling 1,870 children and their teachers how Jesus could rescue them. Colleen told me she had never shared with so many children in her life. She was very happy! It was a big start for our first day in India doing programs. As usual, everything that could go wrong, went wrong. As always God made a way to fix our problems. At one point, we could not find the connecting wire to play the music. I confess that I was ready to give up, but Hanson came up with a great plan. He put the microphone against the speaker of my cell phone and it worked!

We heard so many children praying today. Some prayed in Telegu, some prayed in English and some just watched as we prayed. All of us felt God pouring his spirit on the programs. The first day is always very difficult, but we had more problems today than normal. The children were so happy that they did not seem to care. They were really listening and I know this is because so many of you were praying.


After all of the shows, I had some sweet opportunities to talk with teachers. At one school, I talked with a Muslim teacher and a Hindu teacher. The Muslim teacher said she did not have words to express the joy and happiness she was feeling after she heard the bible story. The Hindu teacher said she would remember this day for the rest of her life. The mother superior of the catholic school asked me to come and teach their teachers how to be better teachers. Please pray for both of these ladies and all of the other teachers who heard the gospel today. Many were hearing about God’s rescue plan for them for the first time.


We passed through customs without being stopped by anyone. We had eight large suitcases and 4 carry-on pieces and they did not even question us. Everyone here was very surprised. Thank you for praying! We praise God for allowing us to come to India! It is such a joy to work with our friends here at Asian Christian Academy. Please ask God to protect this very special place. This is an extremely difficult time for Christians in India.

Please pray for the two shows that we have tomorrow. Ask The Lord to increase our skills. Ask the Father to call many children to himself. Please pray for the seminary students that I begin teaching tomorrow. This is a great opportunity to train and equip young indian Christians who will spread out across India and tell the children about Jesus.

In Jesus
Linda, Colleen, Hanson and Stephen.