Dearest friends,


It is hard to find the words to express to you the joy that fills our hearts! In the last two days we have traveled to so many different places and shared with over 3,000 children, teenagers and adults. I love telling children about Jesus, but it especially sweet to stand in front of Hindu children and tell them about the living God. So many of them responded and prayed with us.

We have been in a variety of schools. We did a show at a very large catholic school where the priest gave me a gift. He gave me a large horse statue because he said I was like a horse! A principal introduced me as Captain Linda. A teacher and a group of students guessed my age as 80. By the way, that is the wrong answer. We discovered that Colleen’s name sounds like a particularly evil Hindu goddess, at least to indian children. Unfortunately she also ate a green chile which turned her face the most amazing shade of purple. All of these things make us smile and laugh and feel much less exhausted.

We are wonderfully tired and sunburned and anxious to do it again tomorrow. Who gets such a great privilege?

We have been surprised at the way God has opened doors for us. We did a show at a Hindu school that is dedicated to pure Hindu philosophy. If I wanted to raise a child who was a devout Hindu, I would never let me near them. Most schools have given us complete freedom to present the gospel. Strangely, we had more trouble getting into a school that said they were Christian. Every place we have been invited us to come again. This is such a wonder! I believe that this happens because people are praying and that the gospel is so sweet and so powerful. Please keep praying as we have more schools every day. So many of these children have never had the opportunity to hear about the one true God and how he loves them.

In Jesus,

Linda and team