Dearest friends,


By noon on Thursday, we had done programs for 1,800 children and adults. I am amazed at God! The children were clapping, cheering and staring into my eyes with a deep hunger. It is humbling and wonderful to see 800 children giving you their complete attention. This particular group of children were sitting in the sun, but it did not seem to matter. They were hearing about the Living God and His Love for them. They were being called to Jesus! So many prayed in both places. God is great!

The director of one school was a catholic priest. He asked the children of one program, "who is the greatest artist?" They shouted, "Jesus!" He tried to persuade them that it was mother nature, but they already had their answer. The priest told me he was concerned about the present political atmosphere. He was very worried that talking about Jesus would cause trouble. This is a hard place to be brave, but it is what God requires.


Life is very hard in the villages. Late Thursday afternoon, we visited a small school that was located behind a Hindu temple. It seemed to me that this is a perfect place to be talking about the Living God. The school itself was pitiful. As a teacher, I looked at their books and saw that they had long ago been worn out. The school was so dusty that I had to use my inhaler to go into the building to tell the story. Everything was dirty. Our stage was in the center of the room, surrounded by pictures Hindu gods.

As we drove into the village, I noticed that people stared at us with great suspicion. However, when we drove out we received many smiles. By then, the children had reported to their families about how much fun they had. They did have a wonderful time! You should’ve seen their smiles. It was a very special show for each one of us. I believe we had a better time.


For three days, I have been sharing ideas with the seminary students about how they can share Jesus with their children. We brought so much equipment with us that we were able to share with them so that they can do a better job in their work. It has been so much fun getting to know these young people! They are sacrificial, humble and enthusiastic. Laughter comes easily to them. All have been a great blessing to Colleen and I. We were particularly touched by the response of two young men who received supplies for their work. When they looked at what they were receiving, one of them said, "Wow!" They were so happy and grateful. Many times, I was told that they had never imagined such wonderful things. These young men and women are from all over India, Burma and even a student from Indonesia. They will take their excitement and new ideas home to use with their children. Your generosity made their joy possible. Thank you!


Yesterday, we did four shows but three were in hard places. I was told afterwards that there was great concern that our programs would be interrupted and stopped. God was very kind to us and to the children. We were able to do all three programs from the beginning to the end. The children had a spectacular time! Again, we heard so many children calling on Jesus. We were able to share with slightly over 2,000 children and teachers. Colleen and I have no words to describe to you our great delight.

In Jesus,

Linda and the team