Dearest friends,


We are in a very dark place. There are not so many Christians here so there is little light. Many of the Christians in this area are afraid. They are afraid because of the present political climate. Today, we were at a Christian school doing a program inside a large classroom. There were over 300 children in the room and it was stifling hot. However, they would not open the window for fear that nearby villagers would hear us telling the children about Jesus.

In another place, we did two shows for over 1,200 children. This was also a Christian school. They moved the show into the chapel because they were also afraid their neighbors would hear what we told the children. Please pray against this spirit of fear.

Everywhere we turn there are temples. There is one beside our hotel. We ate at a restaurant across from another temple. Everywhere we turn, there are temples. However, we are surrounded by God’s Love and we feel His protection. This was an exhausting day and I did not have the strength to do the fourth program. I was in enough pain to cry but I did not want the children to see that. Colleen prayed for me to have strength and God answered her prayer. At three of the four shows, we heard children calling on Jesus! God is so faithful.

Please keep praying! We have four shows again tomorrow and we are depending on your prayers.

In Jesus,

Linda and the team