Dearest friends,


Your prayers are making a difference! Today we shared with 4,500 children plus their teachers. It was an amazing day where we saw God consistently rescue us, encourage us and deliver us. Several times today, we encountered opposition from the leadership at schools, but God always made a way for us to do the programs. In rescuing our opportunities, the Father made it possible for thousands of children to hear about His rescue plan for them. We are so encouraged as we heard an ocean of children, praying out loud asking Jesus to be their Savior.

Something very special happened today when a Muslim teenager brought me a yellow flower. He told me that I was like his grandmother and he wanted to thank me for the show. I had an opportunity to talk with him and I believe he met Jesus today. Colleen was encouraged by two sweet little girls who brought her a flower for her hair. We received many more invitations to go to orphanages, speak at churches and go to more schools. We do not have time to go to all of these places.

The director of one school was very hesitant to let us do the program. He came to me before we started to remind me how difficult things are in India right now. He wanted to make sure I was only going to talk about values and morality. I believe in praying and being honest with people. I told him that I plan to talk about Jesus and how he could rescue all of the children. Even though this was a Chrisitan school, he told me that this would be the first time the children would hear the gospel because they never told them about Jesus. Sadly the school has existed for 15 years. We anticipated he would stop us from doing the program. However, he did allow us to continue and many children prayed out loud, calling on Jesus to save them. Equally amazing was the change in his attitude. He thanked us so many times and offered us other invitations. He became very friendly. This was a true work of God’s Spirit.

Finally, I am happy to report that God has delivered me from my pain. Since March, I have been discovering that fibromyalgia is not an easy problem to deal with while traveling. I feel much better today that it is difficult for me to imagine how bad I felt yesterday. God is so good! Still, I am very grateful for yesterday and it’s difficulties. As God enabled me to persevere, I felt my Father’s Love for me.

The Father made us smile several times today as Colleen and I received unusual introductions. We were introduced as Sister Colleen and Sister Linda. Colleen shared with the children that she was in medical school so the principal started calling her Dr. Colleen. After watching me tell a story, one director said about me, "although she is 62 years old, she acts like she is 26 years old." Breakfast also made us smile as they brought a giant piece of flat bread shaped like a dunce cap. We couldn’t decide if we should eat it or wear it.

Please pray for the programs tomorrow as we are still in the same area and facing the same problems. Please stay on your knees so we can stand.

In Jesus,

Linda and team