Dearest Friends,

The Great Adventure

Every time that God gives me the privilege to stand on the streets and tell people about His rescue plan, I consider it a great adventure! You never know who will come or how they will respond. The situation encourages me to remember that I must trust the Father. I confess that sometimes I wrongly think that I can handle some problem , but on the street, that false security disappears. We pray about the weather. We pray for a good spot to set up and we ask God for His favor with the authorities. I am always asking God to make the parents to not drag the children away when they hear the name of Jesus. There are so many prayers where we are all asking God for wisdom to say things in the best way! We are standing on the street, but kneeling the whole time.

For the last few days, I been on the streets of Newcastle, a popular Easter vacation choice. All of us were amazed at the Father’s goodness to us over the last 3 days. The weather was grand! We had blue skies and no rain. People stopped to listen and we’re happy to talk to us. I gave away an entire case of Action Bible New Testaments! Hundreds of childrens booklets were given away , along with hundreds of Reality CDs. The crowds were very large. There were some who refused to let their children have a Bible. One little girl tried to take one of my storytelling tools. When I would let go, she kicked me in the shin. I still did not let go. However, overall , we had a great response! We were all so blessed and encouraged.

My friends in the Irish band , Reality, are wonderful to work with on the street. We are comfortable with each other and have the most fun. Sam Shaw, director of God’s Handiwork, did puppets and testimonies. Sam and his wife Silvana, along with other puppeteers, did a beautiful job. Sam sees children. Yesterday, we were packing to leave and a lady brought 5 kids to see a show. We set back up and did a show just for them. I thought we were done, but God had another plan. Sam was listening and I am so blessed by his friendship.

I apologize for the lateness of this report, but I surprisingly had no internet access. This was not a problem that I expected to have here. Please rejoice for all that we saw God do and please pray for the next part of this adventure. At 1:30 AM, I am headed to the airport. I will go to another country that is very unfriendly to Christians. I can not tell you where I am , but I beg you to pray. I want to be the brightest light for Jesus! Thankyou for your faithful prayers.

In Jesus, Linda