Dearest Friends,

The Big Finish

Yesterday, I saw our Father open beautiful doors. First, He gave me the Joy of sharing with so many Kurdish and Yazidi Moslem children and their Moms about Jesus rescue plan for them. They listened with delight and wonder. Then, I spoke separately to all their Moms and gave them a very clear challenge to trust Jesus. Many of them came up to me and talked with me afterwards, wanting me to personally know that they had really listened.

One lady appeared not to listen as the others. Everyone was shocked when she came and thanked me. She said that she loved me and was so grateful for what I had shared. This lady is the Director of Islamic Studies at a school and had openly argued against Jesus only a week before. This is the power of the cross.

Please pray for the children and their mothers! My friends meet regularly with them. In fact, everyone that I have been sharing with will be regularly seen by these dear friends. Please pray for my friends who serve here as they are heroes. Constantly, they push pass their exhaustion and serve. They need you to kneel so they can stand!

Something else wonderful happened yesterday. I met an Arabic pastor, born in Saudi Arabia and raised in Sudan. He spent time in Syria as a youth. Angry and feeling rejected , he became involved in many terrible things as he ran from the God he did not know. Pastor Mohammed is a former Moslem who experienced a Paul type meeting with Jesus. He has a big heart for children and next year, I plan to equip him.

The Training

Praise God for those who trained and studied so hard all day on Wednesday. They were amazing! Please pray that they will be able to use all of the ideas that they have learned! They received everything with great enthuiasm! I loved watching how delighted they were as I showed them all that I had bought. You gave them wonderful gifts so that they could tell many Moslems that the one true God sent His Son to earth to give them the hope that they desperately crave!


Today, Friday, I leave for England. Please cover this trip with your prayers!

In Jesus, Linda