Dearest Friends,

Pakistan…. Urgent Prayer

A few weeks ago, 2 suicide bombers attacked 2 churches in Pakistan. The bombers were stopped outside the buildings and so the loss of life was limited. Still, people died and not all responded as Jesus would tell us to respond. Two men were killed who were believed to be involved in the attacks. As a result, more than 100 believers were arrested by the police. Many others had to go into hiding. Our family needs our prayers in Pakistan. Please pray for deliverance of God’s people and truth to be revealed. Please pray for the believers to walk in forgiveness even as they are being attacked. This is a terrible time for Christians in Pakistan. They need you to pray for them!

Another Country

I am no longer in another country. Now, I am in England, but tomorrow, I will fly home. This journey has taken me across 5 countries. Though I did not work in all of them, I have talked with people in everyone of these places about Jesus and God’s rescue plan for them. I have had the great joy of sharing His hope with people from 15 nations. How sweet and wonderful is our Father!

My heart is still with the many refugees that I was with on this trip. They are suffering as you read these words. Their pain is greater because too many do not have the hope of the cross. Please continue to pray for them. See them in their pain and need. Their greatest need is our greatest need… Jesus!

In Jesus, Linda