Dearest Friends,

A Beautiful Start…A Beautiful Finish

I began my trip to Brazil by doing a puppet show for children. Last night, I finished my trip to Brazil by doing a puppet show for another group of children. At both places, we heard children praying out loud, asking Jesus to rescue them! It was a beautiful beginning and a beautiful finish!

The conference was a great blessing! I love teaching others how to do what we do! I love sharing stories about how the Lord is changing the lives of children all over the world!

I always want to encourage our friends in ministry, but I want you to know how much my friends have encouraged me! Friday night , they surprised me with a ” Thankyou Party”. Each team brought me gifts from all the areas where they serve. They had flip flops made for me with my name on them. I received many things to wear in my hair, including a hair band woven of golden grass and hair sticks made with feathers from the Amazon. I even received a teddy bear! Though their gifts were wonderful, it was their sweet words that I will hold in my heart. On harder days, they will encourage me and remind me how much God loves me! Their love and kindness was so tangible that it seemed I could reach out and touch it!

Afterwards, we enjoyed a true Brazillian barbecue. The steak was incredible! I could not write this sooner because every time I tried, my eyes were too full of tears. Please pray for our friends in ministry here! It is amazing to see how God grew 17 teams from a single trip over 11 years ago! I believe that this miracle happened because of the faithfulness and hard work of Faby and Gerson! All of the teams are doing a great job of teaching an ocean of children for Jesus!

They all work very hard , so we brought 8 70 pound suitcases of equipment to help them. I saw several real needs in the area of equipment once I arrived that needed to be addressed. We replaced the curtains and stage for Faby and Gerson from stores here. If you were praying for this trip, you are a part of all that was done. If you want to help with the costs of all this equipment that we gave away, that would be a blessing!

Safe Home

Today, Monday, I start home! I will fly through Houston and arrive in Atlanta on Tuesday morning. II am traveling alone, but never alone! I had a rather bad fall yesterday, so I am a bit sore. I would really appreciate your prayers for this last part of the trip. Thank you!

In Jesus, Linda