Dearest Friends,

“…Porque te amo y eres ante mis ojos precioso y digno de honra.”
“…Because you are precious in my eyes and honored and I love you.”
Isaiah 43:4


After our first show today, the children received chocolate bars with a Bible verse written on the wrapper. It was the same Bible verse that is written above. The wrapper was also decorated with a crown and jewels. I did not know the ladies had planned this gift for the children. They did not know that I had planned to tell the story of Peter and true treasure. All of our plans fit together perfectly because of God’s Holy Spirit. Children came to faith at this show. Please ask God to teach them more about Himself.


When we arrived at the school today, all of us were praying. Yesterday, a school had stopped us during a program because they were offended by the Gospel. We did not want that to happen again! When we arrived at the school today, the director was wearing a necklace with a Hindu goddess on it. It was the goddess Cali. She is a particularly evil diety, who in times past required a blood sacrifice. After seeing this necklace, I became even more concerned. We all prayed harder. I am happy to tell you we were able to do the entire program and have wonderful visits with the children afterwards. More, we were able to invite all the children to a puppet show at a church in the area that we have been with since we started. Please pray for the show on Sunday night. I also invited the teachers to a women’s meeting that I am speaking at in the area tomorrow night. God opened so many doors. He did more than we could have asked or imagined.

Many children prayed loudly, asking Jesus to rescue them. It was a fantastic show!