Dearest Friends,


Today has been full of blessings! So many beautiful things have happened is a list that you can read and thank God for His faithfulness!

1. Our driver heard the Gospel first from Stephanie (our dear friend who invited us to Chile) today, then at the puppet show, and finally from the guard at the Christian school. Today, Daniel met Jesus as his Savior!

2. We were blessed to do 2 shows at the school where Johann and Stephanie sent their own children. The room was full of missionary kids and the sons and daughters of business people. These were our only English shows and all of us were surprised at how much we missed our translators.

3. I spoke at a ladies meeting where the women were very responsive. These ladies were mostly well off but today the Lord poured His Spirit on them. Some were weeping. One lady said how convicted she was that she loved her comfort. She admitted that she had become apathetic to the Kingdom’s work and wanted God to change her. It was a very sweet time! The Father really surprised us with how He touched their hearts!

4. The generosity of those who have so little always staggers me. A dear lady, Andrea, gave me a beautiful gift tonight as I spoke at another ladies meeting. It was a clock in the shape of South America, with each country made from a different natural stone. She had engraved on it a blessing in Spanish. It said,” for Linda, May the light of Jesus always illuminate your path!” I was so overcome by her kindness and sacrifice!

5. A young man from New York has been working with us. David will marry one of Andrea’s daughters and work with her in La Pintana. He sang a song for me tonight as a gift. Without knowing, he choose one of my favorites. He sang, “Bless the Lord Oh My Soul.”

6. The young people were blessed to visit with another missionary family and enjoyed homemade lasagna and icecream.

7. We were all blessed to see the Lord raise up $800 of the $1000 that we need to help our friends at La Pintana so that they can tell more children better Bible stories.

In Jesus,

Linda, Leslie, Kesley, Karley, Garrett, and Drake