Dearest Friends,


Last night, we met with the youth group at Cristo Rey. Sometimes, we see God do something so beautiful that it is really hard to describe. Our time with the young people was especially beautiful! I shared stories about how I came to love Jesus, how I love Mike, and how I love telling children about Jesus.

Drake also shared and spoke about how he loves God’s Word. I was so proud of him! He did an amazing job challenging the young people to read their Bibles. At the end of his talk, he said something that touched my heart. He said that though he never met Mike, he knew he was a great man. Then, he quoted Mike’s favorite quote. “A Christian is absolutely indestructible until God wills it otherwise.”

After we talked, we divided into small groups and spent another thirty minutes talking about God’s Word. We shared prayer requests and prayed together. We began to trust each other more as a team as we shared the deep concerns of our heart. These young people are all very precious to me, but last night I saw God do something unexpected. Though I would have described us as being close, I saw the Father knit our hearts together in a very wonderful way.


Thursday morning, we did a puppet show at a school that was very green. They really had painted everything this color. It was a school founded by the German Lutherans and gave us complete freedom to talk about Jesus. There was about 200 children and their teachers who listened the story about Zacchaeus. They really loved this story and was very responsive to everything we did. None of the children prayed out loud. However, I felt that God had called some of the children to faith. Then a whole group of little girls came and talked to me. They told me they asked Jesus to rescue them!

Sadly, our second show never happened. The school cancelled our program. Please ask God to open the door for our new team in Chile so that they can go and tell the kids about Jesus.


Stephanie and Johan invited us to Chile. We start our journey home Monday night, and on Tuesday, they leave for the States for a six month furlough. Normally, no missionary this close to ending their time in a country would invite a puppet team to come, but they did! Their love for the people of Chile motivated them to keep working until the very last minute! Because of their faithfulness, so many children and young people have heard about Jesus, and Chile has a new puppet team! Thank you is not a big enough word for this beautiful opportunity that they gave us. This has been the most wonderful trip, and we are so grateful to them for their sacrifice. Please pray for them as they are on home assignment. Please ask the Lord to give them many opportunities to speak about their work in Chile.

In Jesus,
Linda for Kelsey, Drake, Leslie, Karley, and Garrett