Dearest Friends,


Perhaps you wondered exactly where in the world is the puppet team. We are in Tennessee, in the Smoky Mountains. It is especially beautiful here, but it is the children’s smile and laughter that I enjoy the most. We spent the last two days doing programs for hundreds and hundreds of children, most of whom do not have a very easy life. A lot of the children that we have been with are in foster care. Many are being raised by their grandparents or other relatives in their family. At every show, I have had children that just want to hug me. Today, one little girl stood on my right side I put my arm around her.Then, a little boy stood on my left side and I put my arm around him. Then, a little boy stood in front of me and stared at me with the biggest eyes. I wished I was an octopus.

The children have said some of the funniest things to us. One little girl said, “This is the best show ever!” Other children tried to guess my age. Their guesses included 30,350, and 82. So many children thanked us and hugged us and begged us to come again. At one program, the teenagers began the program with great disinterest. Then God did something wonderful. They started listening and enjoyed what they were hearing.

At every program, I heard children praying with soft whispers. They called on Jesus and asked Him to rescue them. Many of these children have rushed up to me after a show and thanked me. They are very grateful to hear that they are a treasure to God. Please pray for these children. Please do not stop praying for these children.

There is a little boy named Patrick at one of the places that where we do programs. He listened to us for several years before he finally put his trust in Jesus. Through the years, I have given him different things to encourage him in his faith. Yesterday, I gave him and some other teenagers Bibles, especially designed for teenagers. When we first met him, he was a poor student with no hope. Now his heart is full of hope and he is an excellent student. He told me he plans on getting a job, graduating high school, going to college, and having a life. His smile put a smile on my face. Like many children we serve in this area, he looks forward to seeing us from year to year. Thank you for sending us to these children. They appreciate your sacrifice!

In Jesus, Linda for Leslie, Garrett, Drake, and Kelsey