Dearest Friends,


We had two shows today, and each one of them was an absolute delight! At our first program, so many children prayed so loudly, calling on Jesus to rescue them. A little boy named William came up to me after the program to say thank you. He was so thrilled with everything he had heard. He told me that he had put his trust in Jesus. Two other little boys were faithful to help us carry all the boxes and things back to the trailer. We gave them Bibles as thank you gifts. They were very happy!

There is always one story that God especially writes on my heart when we are in Tennessee. I met a little boy at the second show that really touched my spirit. We had offered Jesus Storybook Bibles to all the children who came and he was so happy. He saw that I was giving teenagers a different Bible, a cartoon illustrated Action Bible. He came and asked me if I could give him one of those for his sister. He wanted to share with her the story he had heard. This is not something that I usually do, but he was so sincere in asking for his sister.

A little while later, he came back and asked me for an Action Bible for his brother. I suggested that they could share. Please listen to what he said: “My brother and sister don’t get along so well. I thought, maybe, this would…” He was only six years old, and his lip began to quiver. He couldn’t find his words to tell me what he wanted to say. I smiled and said, ” Did you think that maybe it would help them, that God could help them?” Then it was his turn to smile and he nodded his head. I gave him the other Bible.

Each day, we talk to children about how Jesus is the hope, how He can change anyone. The children really believe that He can solve their problems. Please pray for this little boy and for all the other children that we talked with today. As they listened to how Jesus changed a slave ship captain, rescued two Viking kings, and told a story about an ungrateful son, they discovered hope.

Tomorrow, we are going zip lining and then driving toward Baltimore. We will arrive in Baltimore on Friday in time to do a puppet show that night. Please ask the Lord to bless our travels.

In Jesus,

Linda for Kelsey, Drake, Garrett, Leslie, and Heather