Dearest Friends,


Last night and this afternoon, God gave us an incredible gift! It didn’t rain on us! We had huge crowds last night, with people from all over the world listening to God’s rescue plan for them. I spoke with a couple from Iran who stayed for the entire evening. Dana spoke with two guys from Mexico. The were people in the crowd from New Mexico and Washington D.C. The world comes to Dublin and we have the opportunity to tell them about Jesus.

This afternoon, we set up in front of the Central Bank. Many buses stop at that very place, and many people stopped to listen to us. Raymie gave a young man from Romania a Bible and he was so happy. As I was telling the story, I noticed that people on the other side of the street had stopped to listen to us. Though we were rained out tonight, we were all blessed by last night and this afternoon.

Please pray for us to be light in this very dark city. Please pray for our program tomorrow at a church where they have invited many children. Please pray for us tomorrow afternoon as we have another opportunity to do street shows in Dublin.

In Jesus,

Linda, Kelsey, Garrett, Drake, Leslie, and Reality