Dearest Friends,


This morning, we had an incredible opportunity to do a family service for children and their parents. There were so many people that came, they had to put more chairs out several times. Many of the people who came were visitors who do not normally come to church. The entire church was full which is something that simply does not happen in Ireland. There is something else that almost never happens here. So many children were praying out loud, asking Jesus to rescue them.

Please pray for all the children who trusted in Jesus. Some were Irish, but most were from many African nations. Please ask God to help them grow strong in their new faith.


I’ve been coming to Dublin for over a decade and I’ve never seen what I saw today. We had huge crowds, and they were really listening! They clapped for every Bible story and the crowds were mostly adults! I watched their faces as they discovered the stories of Jonah and other childhood Bible stories. I could tell that they did not know the stories and were hearing them for the first time. We finished every story by telling everyone how they could come to know Jesus. As we were finishing, the crowd suddenly exploded in size! Our last set was much bigger than our first set! People came to me and asked me for the pictures I had drawn. One man told me he was going to frame it and hang it in his living room. It was incredible how God poured His Spirit on everything we did this afternoon.

Stephen, Reality’s band leader, was interviewed with me by a Christian radio station. They wanted to know why we were in Dublin. I think a homeless man that I met gave the best answer. He had listened to the story of Peter and how he walked on water. He said, “This story touched me. I think Jesus could change me.” It is our great hope that Jesus will touch and change many lives in Dublin even as He has changed our lives.

Tomorrow morning, we are headed to Galway. Please go ahead of us with your prayers. Ask God to do more than we could think to ask or imagine.

In Jesus,
Linda, Kelsey, Drake, Leslie, Garrett, and Reality