Dearest Friends,


As we write these words, we are about to leave for the airport. We will fly from Dublin to Frankfurt and then home to Atlanta. Please pray for us to have a safe trip. Please ask the Lord to give us patience as we are traveling.

We are going home with hearts full of joy. Our last day of shows in Tralee was amazing! It rained, but that was not a problem. We threw tarps over everything we could cover and waited for God to stop the rain. His timing is always perfect. We had good crowds who really listened to the Bible stories. No parent pulled their children away from the show as soon as I said Jesus. Most of the time, we had more adults in the crowd than children. I watched as God called to them. You could see God calling them to listen.

At Tralee a man came to me on the street and thanked me for being there. He said, “In 1977, some Americans were telling people about Jesus on the streets of Dublin. I listened and it changed the rest of my life. Thank you for coming. Please keep coming.” I believe the thing that you need to remember about what this man said is that someone shared with him on the street. Most of the people who do not know Jesus will not come into our churches. We must go to them!

In Jesus,

Linda for Agape, Reality, and God’s Handiwork