Dearest Friends,


Last night, we had the strangest puppet shows since we’ve been working in Ireland. Reality’s singers have been plagued by colds and were simply unable to sing last night. However, we had a beautiful clear evening and none of us wanted to miss the opportunity to be on the street. So, the band came with us and set up their sound system and lights. We did three shows but without them standing beside us.

But it was a wonderful evening!! Lots of the band members had amazing conversations with people who stopped to watch the puppets. Just before our last show, I had a beautiful conversation with a young girl named Jamie. She was very bright and told me she was quite lonely. She said she had no interest in religion. I explained to her that we were not religious but that we loved Jesus. I told her that religion was man’s effort to reach God, but that Jesus was God reaching down to man. As I was about to start the third story, the crowd disappeared. She expressed concern that she was the only person standing there. I told her that if she was the only person standing there, I would tell the story just for her. She smiled so big! When I began, she was the only one standing there. But in less than a minute we had over fifty people! I felt God pouring His Spirit on the story of Joseph. When I finished, Jamie came to me and told me that she loved he story. Please pray for Jamie. She really wanted a Bible, but all I had last night was the Gospel of Luke. I took a Bible for her today but she did not come back. Please pray that she returns tomorrow.


This afternoon, Reality’s singers felt better and were able to sing again. However, they could not do their full sets so the puppets had to do more material to compensate. We did three full shows this afternoon and are preparing to go out again this evening. Please pray for us to be wise and kind and full of light.

As I walked home this afternoon, I stopped to look at a beautiful old church. When we opened the doors, we saw hundreds of people gathered inside. They were being told that they could be good enough for God. My heart broke. I watched parents take their children away from puppet shows today and yesterday because I said the name of Jesus. One mother told me that she didn’t want her children to read the literature we were handing out. All of these things make me sad, but I have hope. Please pray for us tonight.

In Jesus,

Linda for Agape, Reality, and God’s Handiwork