Dearest Friends,

We need you to thank God for all He is doing and stand with us in prayer.

1. We have a friend who is heading to the Indian boarder to buy gas. We need you to pray for his safety and success. More, we need him to get back before early tomorrow morning. We have a show planed for children near the epicenter of the earthquake in the Gorkha District. I really want to tell these children that God cares for them and that He loves them. Please pray for the impossible to be possible.

2. We are planning a big out reach in an distance village where the people suffered greatly as a result of the earthquake. Tik will need to do this outreach after we return home because it requires a 6 hour hike up a mountain. I simply can not do it. The coats that we brought with us are for this project, as well as special funds to rice for the villagers. Tik’s friend is the first believer in that place and the pastor. He last his arm in the earthquake. There is a small church there.

Tik plans to show the Jesus film and do a program for the children. Of course he will not be able to carry the stage, but he has many good tools that he can use to make it nice for them. We have been planning this for a long time, but I believe hat we need to do more. These people are so poor that they only have rice on rare occasions. The Lord has given me an idea. On the day that they show the Jesus film, the whole village will come. He will do all that we have planned, but I think we need to do more. I believe we have a huge opportunity here. The government is not helping. Only the Christians are helping. I want to more rice and blankets. These people have real needs that we are well able to meet. I need another $500 and you can let me know by email if God is leading you to meet this need.

3. Yesterday we heard many ophans asking Jesus to rescue them. We went to a remote village school and told those children about Jesus. We ate water buffalo. Everyday God makes us smile. Please pray!

In Jesus,
Linda and Heather