Dearest friends,


I am so grateful for your amazing generosity! I praise God for the way so many of you have prayed for this project and given to help with the showing of the Jesus Film in very remote villages. You have been so generous, we have be able to add a second village to our plans. The village we have chosen does not have a single believer, but it is where Tik’s parents live. Everyone in the village is Hindu and they suffered greatly during the earthquake.

Both places require Tik to drive to the end of a road and then start hiking. The people in the villages will actually hike to them and help carry in the supplies. Please pour prayer on both of these opportunities. Please ask God to call many people to Himself.

I heard an incredible story today about the first village where we are planning to work. As I wrote yesterday, the pastor lost his arm as a result of the earthquake. Today, I heard the rest of the story. During the earthquake, he and another pastor were trapped under a building. The other pastor was critically injured and knew that he was going to die. With his last breathe, he encouraged the other pastor not to give up, to be faithful to tell everyone about Jesus. I was so touched by this story of this dear pastor who finished so well. I believe it is an honor to be part of telling the people of this village about Jesus and to honor this pastor’s dying request.

I am so happy that we have the extra funds to expand our aid into Tik’s family’s village. When Tik first became a Christian, his parents disowned him. Over the years they have come to see the goodness that God has put in their son and he is again a member of their family. This second project is very dear to his heart. I love Tik like a son, so this project is very dear to my heart.

Thank you for loving all of these people whom you will never seen till you are on the other side of Heaven!


Our fuel arrived after midnight last night. We were so happy and blessed to be able to drive to the Gorkha District, near the epicenter of the earthquake. It was a long, rough drive. As we were going up the mountain, all of the young men had to get out of the car and had to rebuild part of the road so we could keep going. For awhile, it looked like we were going to have to unload the equipment and have to walk many kilometers to reach the children. All of us were willing to do whatever it took as we were determined to tell these children about Jesus. I really appreciateĀ  that our friends road repair was successful, as it was a very steep climb. We did two shows on the mountain, but had people from two schools at one show. We shared with hundreds and hundreds of children today, as well as many teachers and villagers.

Everyone was delighted with the program! We talked clearly about the living God and His plan to rescue the children through His Son Jesus Christ. I am always amazed when Hindus or Muslims or Buddhists so eagerly receive the Gospel. It was an incredible day! As usual, we set up outside on the grass. None of these schools have room for a program inside. Please pray for all of these children. I want them to know how much God cares for them, how only Jesus can fill the empty place inside their hearts.


After we finished the shows, we went to a little local restaurant. It was not like any place you have ever eaten in your life. The tables were at the back, surrounded by bags of potatoes and rice. It was dark and probably would have scared most of you. In this very unusual place, I saw God do something beautiful.

The local pastor who arranged our shows on the mountain was with us at lunch. He is one of Tik’s students at the Bible college where Tik teaches. On the days he has class, he gets up at 3 AM and walks two hours down the mountain to catch a bus. He usually arrives just as class is starting at 10 AM. He has a great love for God’s Word and a real desire for people to hear about Jesus. So it will not surprise you, that he asked me to share my testimony with everyone at the restaurant. This is Nepal, it is not like being at a restaurant in the west. Before long, many other villagers had gathered and were listening. Tik and I had a beautiful opportunity to share Jesus with people who have never visited a church. The pastor was so happy! People were very touched by my husband’s testimony. I know that it would make Mike happy that his story could be used to reach the Nepali people for Jesus. It was a great finish to an amazing day!


We would like to apologize for the abundance of misspelled words and grammar mistakes in our previous emails. The internet does not work well here. We were typing online and in a hurry to send our letters while we still had a connection. We will do things differently and hopefully will make it easier for you to read these wonderful stories of how God is moving in the people of Nepal. Also, please pray for Heather and I as we both have asthma. The shortage of fuel is causing people to switch to cooking on a wood fire outside. The air in places is very thick with smoke and dust. This is simply a matter for prayer. Again, thank you for your patience with our writing. Thank you for seeing beyond our mistakes to to the great needs of the people of Nepal.

In Jesus,
Linda, Heather, Tik, and company.