Dearest Friends,


So many times, we have seen God opening doors for us to share Christ with the people who are just naturally around us. Our driver is a young Hindu man who we hope will soon meet Jesus. He sits on the ground with the children and shares their joy as he watches every puppet show. He even described our programs using the Nepali word for awesome. In the last few days, he has heard more Gospel presentations and conversations than many nonbelievers hear in a life time.

Today, when we went out to the truck to meet him, we found him reading a children’s presentation of the Gospel written in his own language. In God’s providence, he is surrounded by excited Christians. Every time we have a problem and that is often, what with the bad roads and the lack of fuel etc., we stop and pray. He is always watching us. He even came to church with us and was clapping with all of the praise songs like the rest of the believers.

Please pray for this young man. He has been very kind to me and I can think of no greater kindness then to ask you to pray for him. I want him to know Jesus!


The Hindu festival season begins here in Nepal tomorrow, Tuesday. Already, there are many idols being set up as people prepare to celebrate. This is a dark place because there are so few Christians and the festival season will make it darker. We have been experiencing spiritual attack and reasonably, it will get worse. Please stay on your knees, so that we are able to stand and finish this work with the children.

On our way here, I read an article about a man who died in India from practicing something called santhara. He was a 77 year old man and he went without food for nine days. He was facing death voluntarily in search of salvation. To you and I this will make no sense. As we are writing these words to you, our eyes are filled with tears. This man’s mistaken journey is very representative of the paths that so many people take in this part of the world. They seek salvation, not understanding that His name is Jesus. Please ask God to make us light. Ask Him to reveal His Truth to the Nepali people.


I’m a storyteller, but I’m only one storyteller. A big part of our ministry is multiplying ourselves so that more children can hear about Jesus. Tomorrow, we will be training fifteen new storytellers from all over Nepal. They can touch thousands and thousands of children with the hope that Jesus gives in places we may never visit. We expect it to be an awesome day! Please pray!

In Jesus,
Linda, Heather, Tik, and company.