Dearest Friends,

The Lebanese Center

Yesterday, Ian and I did a show for children from an Orthodox background. They loved the show, but I especially loved the show that Ian did with his bag of illusions. Ian is from England and runs a precious English charity called “Bringing Good News”. He used simple magic tricks to teach the children great big truths. We had the best time! I told the children 2 new stories and my team really liked them. This made me happy because they felt they could use them. It was a beautiful day!

Please pray for the rest of our schedule as now is a very difficult time in Lebanon. There are many places that our Lebanese team can go that our nationalities keep us from going safely. We have begun to give away the art packs we made. They also containĀ  2 chocolate bars and a toothbrush. Our friends will finish giving away the rest of the gifts to the children and share with them about God’s great rescue plan for them. This is the beauty of a team approach to ministry.

Joy, Love , Peace

I am so happy to give you a report on “Joy, Love, Peace”, our Lebanese puppet team. Amy, Gihan, and Michael are so faithful and very creative. I loved the video that they made about working with the children. They have a real commitment to telling the children about Jesus. More, they do their work with joy! Please pray for them as they often must stand in very difficult places so that the children can hear about hope.

In Jesus, Ian, Mahfoud, Norma, Hassan, Georgiana, and Linda