The last two and half weeks have giving me much to think about. I have watched my Lebanese brothers and sisters in Christ face huge struggles as they seek to tell Syrian children about Jesus Christ. No matter how tired they are,  I have never heard them complain. They follow Jesus with real passion and all of them are ready to give up their lives for the Cross. I have been wondering, if they visited with western Christians, would they describe us this way?

I like reading several books at a time and I have recently begun reading studies of Philippians, Daniel, and the minor prophets written by Warren Wiersbe. I especially love something that he said about the minor prophets. He introduced the study by challenging people that they could all be heroes, no cape required. He said that heroes are not defined by their circumstances, but by their choices. He said that heroes are people who  continue to choose to serve others, even when no one is watching. They never expect credit. This is a great description of my friends who serve with the Lebanese ministry, “Lives of Salt and Light.”

Please continue to hold them in your prayers as they serve with joy!


My heart’s desire is to see God do big things in the lives of the children around the world. I am preparing a trip to Nepal where we will deliver over 400 coats to very cold children and tell them how Jesus can warm their hearts, even as the coats warm their bodies. When we first decided to do this project I did not believe that it was possible to collect so many coats. I have always loved attempting a project so big unless God did it there was no way that it could happen. Supplying these coats to a village that was destroyed by the earthquake last April is certainly this kind of project.

Let me tell you the story of the first coat I received. I had a group of children and teenagers visit me during Christmas and was telling them about the needs in Nepal. Some of the children had their parents with them and a young teenage boy spoke to his mother when I finished. Then he said to this me, “Ma’am would you take my coat? I asked my mom and she says it is okay.” His kindness and concern for children he had never met encouraged me to believe that God would provide. I am happy to tell you we have more than 400 coats! God is amazing!!

My own heart is full of joy after what I saw God do in Lebanon. Please thank God for all He did and hold me in your prayers tomorrow afternoon as I will have heart surgery. They suspect a blocked artery. I expect to make a speedy recovery, by God’s grace. Also, please pray for Ian as he is already off to Sudan to train pastors.

In Jesus, Linda