Dearest Friends,


A short time ago, I received an email from Tika Ram Baral. He is our puppet director in Nepal and a long time friend. We first met years ago when I was teaching at Asian Christian Academy when he was a student. In truth, I had planned to be in India this February, but the situation was not good for ministry. As soon as I found out I could not go to India, I immediately thought of Nepal. My heart’s desire was to share with the Hindu children and Nepal has so many Hindu children. So, the plan remains the same, we simply changed the country.

You have heard about our collection of over 400 coats for children in Nepal. I received an email from my puppet director which I think will better help you to understand the great need. He asked me to pray for the people in the hilly area that lost everything in the earthquake. He spoke of how new born babies and mothers were dying in the cold because of the snow. So far, thirteen new born babies have died in the last month and a half. The name of the place is Gumda. To reach this place, many hours of hiking are required. I plan to do puppet shows in other places, then my puppet director will make this journey after I leave. One of our greatest joys is to help nationals to do ministry that God has called them to do.

Please begin to pray for the people in Gumda and all the children we will share with in Nepal. It is a hard thing to think about children calling out and saying,  “I am cold” when I am so warm and comfortable. God has given us a beautiful opportunity to warm their bodies and see God warm their souls.   I have learned to see small things as great blessings. Please see your blessings today and remember to pray for the children of Nepal who do not enjoy the many blessings that some of us take for granted.


I am blessed to report to you that I had a surprising outcome when I went to the hospital. The doctor expected I would need a stent, but the heart cauterization showed that the artery they suspected was only 50% blocked. This did not require surgery. Praise God! I do have angina, chest pains, but these can be best treated with new medications. Even better, the aneurysm on my heart has not grown at all and is not considered a problem at this time. God is good!

Please pray for me as I make a sincere effort to follow the doctor’s directions. I need to rest this week, then begin a serious exercise program. I will be honest with you that this is an area that in which I have never succeeded. I want God to change my desires and I want to obey Him concerning some lifestyle changes that I need to make.  Thank you for praying for me during the procedure and please to continue to pray as I seek to follow Jesus with passion.

In Jesus, Linda