Dearest Friends,

February 17th

We left the states on February 15th and we are still trying to get to Nepal. Presently , we are in Delhi, India waiting for a flight that had been delayed several times. They say there is a weather problem in Kathmandu. Please pray for these problems to resolve so we can fly!

As we have waited at 3 different airports, we have had amazing conversations with people from all over the world. People are very curious why ” someone so old” is going to Nepal. They have also thought that Jolly was my daughter. Actually, she is a year older than me. Some encouragement is needed! Still, as we have laughed at these statements, we have told so many about Jesus and His hope. TheĀ  adventure never begins when we arrive in a country. It begins where we begin as the Father kindly opens doors everywhere to talk about His rescue plan.

A young man prayed to receive Christ as a result of Anna and I sharing with him 2 years ago. He still works in the Delhi airport and I saw him today. He calls me his spiritual mother. He greeted me with a hug and suddenly, I did not feel so far away from home. Please ask The Lord to increase his faith!

Your Family

I received a request for urgent prayer from our friends in the Middle East. A Moslem family came to faith and is being persecuted. Three times large crowds have attacked their home, breaking out all the windows. As they were throwing rocks at his home and his family, he was praying for the attackers, asking God to forgive them. You may not know this family , but through their faith in Jesus, they are part of your family. Please hold them in your prayers. Ask the Lord to surround their home with angels. Please pray!

In Jesus, Linda and Jolly