Dearest Friends,

What Caste Are You?

Nepal has a strong caste system. Everyone is divided into one of four groups, your placement determined by your birth. A person’s possibilities in life are limited or enhanced by where they fall in this wicked social order. A person from a lower caste should always step aside on the street to let a person from a higher caste pass. So many people end up feeling that they have no value, no hope.

Years ago,  on a previous trip to Nepal, I was asked a question by a young boy at a school. He stood off from the other children and obviously felt he was more important. He was confident when he spoke to me. He asked, “What caste are you?” My heart broke for him because I immediately knew that he placed his trust in false truths. The boy had no understanding of anyone’s true value.

I smiled and said,” I come from a place where there is no caste system, where the one true God says that all men are created equal. ”  Immediately I had a huge crowd of children gathered around me. They wanted to hear more! Nepal is full of children who need to hear more!

We Are Here!!!

We finally arrived in Nepal!  My dear friend and puppet director , Tika Ram Baral , was  waiting for us! It is wonderful to be with family.  After 5 more hours driving on a 2 lane mountain road, we arrived at the place where we will be staying. From here in Chitwan, we will travel to many villages and more remote places. This is our home for the next 2 weeks.

Tomorrow, we will do puppet shows at village schools and begin the great adventure. These children believe in the caste system and worship gods made by man’s hands. They do not know their true worth or how precious they are to the one true God. We have the honor of telling them about Jesus and how much He loves them. Please ask the Father to give them ears to hear. Please ask Him to fill us with love and kindness as we speak to the children.

In Jesus, Linda for Jolly, Tik and our Nepali Team