Dearest Friends,

The Mob and The Caste

At every school we did shows at yesterday, we were mobbed by the children. They were so very happy to see us that they simply could not control themselves. We were surrounded by children before we even entered the property. We struggle to set up our take down the equipment because of all the children crowding around us wanting to ask us questions and just see what we had with us. You cannot imagine how amazing these puppets and all the other things are to children who did not grow up in the west.

Nepal has a caste system . You’re born into a particular group and you’re never able to escape that reality. A principal at one of the schools was lower caste and so his school did not receive the same help that others received. He was also the only principal that stood in the sun and watched the whole program. Christianity is often seen as a poor man’s faith. Heaven will be full of very poor people who have found true treasure.

Please pray for these 3 schools and especially for the kind principal.

The Big Finish

We have just finished our last program! This email was written at 2 different times. Our last show was all that we could have hoped it would be. We were in a very remote area and the children started cheering as soon as we pulled into the yard. They were so surprised that we would come to them! As usual, many villagers came and listened. The local pastor was also very happy. We are the most happy! We set up in front of the false goddess’s temple and saw the one true God show the children His love and light! It was a fantastic last show!

In Jesus, Linda