Dearest Friends,

Three Village Schools

Yesterday, Sunday was the sweetest day! We began with a grumpy principal who kept reminding us that we could not talk about religion. We agreed with him and promised that that is not what we would tell the children. We told him that we would talk about hope and love and that is exactly what we did. By the time we finished, he was so very happy! He smiled through the entire program and I believe that God did a work in his heart as well, as well as in the children.

The second show began as most of our shows begin. We arrive at a very broken, dirty collection of small school buildings and begin to look for some bit of shade that the children can enjoy and that we can share with them. Always , we are setting up in the dirt and usually beside the small temple that is located in the schoolyard. This school had only 70 children. They seemed surprised that they were getting such a show. The children were very poor, dirty, but I will not forget their eyes. I don’t think any group of children that we have had in Nepal enjoyed the program more than this precious group of children. One little boy he literally jumped in the air, when the monkeys flew up behind the stage. They stared at us with absolute wonder and delight. It is always my prayer that after we leave the light and wonder will linger and cause them to remember Jesus Christ who loves them. I believe they will remember.

Our third show was in a goat pasture that was full of trash. They did move the goats but the trash remained. I did not think it possible that I could see a group of children enjoy the program more than the first two groups. However, the S group of children was so excited. They did not care that they were standing in a pasture in the sun with trash ….. None of this mattered! They were simply full of joy!

At the end of every show I always tell the children that Jesus loves them. I say this after I have finished explaining to them gods rescue plan. I always crossed my arms over my chest, and say, “Hold onto Jesus.” So many of these children copied me and I knew they would remember! Our Father is amazing!

In Jesus, Linda for Jolly, Tik, and our Nepali Puppet Team