Dearest Friends,

Nemesio’s Story

Nemesio is our lead puppet director in Peru. He is a dear man with a tender heart. He is Quechua. Tonight, he shared his story. When he was a little boy, terrorists came to his village. They did many terrible things. His brother was the pastor of the church and they killed him. He witnessed all of their atrocities. His childhood was full of their terrors.

Years went by and his faith grew. As a young teenager, he dropped out of school to find work without much success. Finally, he ended up at his uncle’s home in Chosica. His uncle was Donna Saune’s husband, Romulo. God used Donna and Romulo to help him get an education. When Romulo was killed by the Shining Path, he struggled to understand why. As a Bible student in Chile, God gave him peace!

The High Places

Nemesio organized a puppet show for us in the mountains. We brought together children from 5 remote villages. Life is very hard for these children. Often their parents do not marry or stay married. Their cheeks were red and dry from the wind. There is a lot of alcoholism in their families and all the problems that come with that habit. They are not well cared for. My heart broke for their suffering!

The children stared at us with old eyes. One little girl saw us and started to cry. We looked so strange to them. Amazingly, they really loved the program! So many children prayed ou loud with us! Normally they are very shy and this was a surprise to all of us.

A Little Girl’s Question

One tiny little Quechua girl came to me after the program. She asked if I could come to her village. That gave me a wonderful idea. It costs us $150 to transport our puppet team and all of the children to the show. They paid for part of it themselves. I want to send Nemesio and his team to this little girl’s village. We can bring children from surrounding villages just like we did at our show! There are so many places up in the mountains where I could send Agape Peru. We have Christian teachers who will coordinate these trips. Will you help Nemesio? Please email me if God has given you a heart for these children. I will send the funds through Runa Simi one week after I get home. Please help these children.


We start home tomorrow, Thursday and arrive on Friday, Please pray us safely there!

In Jesus, Linda for Drake, Kelsey, Leslie and Agape Peru