Dearest Friends,


1. On Saturday, we drove for more than 8 hours to get home to Chosica. We used two different drivers. The police stopped our first driver and called him a liar and threatened him with a 4,000 sole fine at the next police stop. That is over $1,200! Our driver was not a Christian, but all of us told him that we were going to pray about it and ask God to deliver us from these false charges. There were no policemen where we expected them and the others did not stop us. Praise God! This really impressed our driver.

2. One day in Nazca, we were stopped on the side of the road taking some pictures. It was very hot and there was no one for miles around. Suddenly, a man selling icecream came slowly up the mountain road. No one could figure out why he was driving through the middle of nowhere. What a blessing!

3. Our second driver on Saturday was delayed by more than 45 minutes. I watched God do something beautiful with that delay. Our driver in Nazca was a man named Luis and he became very precious to all of us. Though he attended church regularly, he had no relationship with Jesus. As he watched our programs, day after day he became drawn into the work we did with the children. He was so kind to every one of us! Finally on Saturday, while we waited for the driver, he began to ask questions about how to know God. If I had to make up a list of questions that I wanted someone to ask about Jesus, he asked every one. I shared so many scriptures with him. A hunger to know Jesus began to grow inside of him. Please pray for Luis to come to faith in Christ!

4. All of us would agree that Peruvian bread is a major blessing!

5. The young people really thought God blessed them when they found their favorite candy from Chile here in Peru.

6. Today, we went to two large schools and heard so many children call on Jesus! At the end of both shows, they wanted us to do another show!

7. We have begun training our new team from Tayabamba. It took them more than 24 hours of travel to reach us. They are so eager to learn and very good students. Please hold them in your prayers!

8. Donna Sauñe has been a blessing to all of us! Today we had the pleasure of her company at both programs. She translated for us, fed us lovely meals, and the translated later for the puppet training class.

9. On Sunday morning, we went to a Quechua church. The words were strange but wonderful to us. The ladies played tribal instruments. Everyone hugged us more times than we could count! Every time I hear people praising God in another language, I know I am getting a glimpse of heaven.

This is a wonderful trip! Every day we see God bless us and every day we have reason to praise his name!

In Jesus,

Linda for Kelsey, Drake, Leslie, Nemesio, and his team