Dearest Friends,

Questions Children Ask:

Yesterday and today, we did four programs and saw an ocean of children. If I close my eyes, I see so many smiling faces and I hear their laughter. More, I hear them praying. At one show the children called on Jesus in the softest whisper. At another show, the children prayed softly, but louder. At our last show today, they prayed very loudly and were obviously VERY excited to call on Jesus. Please pray for all of the children who put their trust in Jesus and ask God to make them strong in their new faith.

Before and after every program, we were surrounded by children who asked us so many questions. Most often we are asked "When are you coming back?", or "Do you remember me?". One little boy spoke to me today and raised his glasses shouting "Now do you know who I am??". Each child desperately wants to be seen and understood! Hannah had a little girl who she was helping say, "Can I be your friend?" She then promised, "My sister will ALSO be your friend!". Olivia had a little girl come to her and say, "I want to come home with you". The sweetness of these moments surpasses all understanding.

We have been coming to these towns for a couple of decades. Four years ago a little boy put his trust in Jesus. He spoke to me and said "I’ve been listening to you for years..but today I prayed." We have continued to follow up with him and I am thrilled to report he is growing in his love for Jesus! Please hold him in your prayers. We left him a new book to read and passed out many Jesus Story Book Bibles and Action Bible New Testaments. I love leaving children with God’s word because I know they can find all of their answers to their many questions in His book.

Prayer Requests:
#1 Please pray for our last program in this area tomorrow. We are tired but want to be very sensitive so we can hear the children’s questions.
#2 After the program, we are driving to Roanoke, Virginia. This is about a four hour drive and I always am blessed by your prayers for our travels.
#3 This coming week we will be working in and around Baltimore, Maryland. Please ask God to make us full of light and kind as we talk about Jesus to children who live in difficult places.
#4 Please thank God for our dear friends the Bookstaffs who have taken care of us this week so we could care for the children.

In Jesus,
Linda for Hannah, Olivia, Leslie, Kelsey, and Drake