Dearest Friends,


We are no longer home, but on the road again. We are enjoying beautiful views of the Smoky Mountains and having a great adventure sharing Jesus with children in Tennessee. Today we had a wonderful program with 87 children. All of us were concerned about how this program would work, because it is all brand new and we had never done it before. We had changed the stories, music, and some of the testimonies. We have two new team members that are already a blessing to us. Before we started the program, we met behind the stage and prayed. I honestly believe that I was much more concerned and worried than the young people. God took our fear and gave us peace.

Let me share with you some of things that the children said to us about the new show. A 12 year old boy came up to me and said, "COOL!" and gave us a thumbs up. Other children described their time with us as awesome, incredible, amazing, and wonderful. One little girl threw her arms around my waist and began to cry. She was sobbing as she said, "Please don’t go! Please don’t go!" Her kindness touched each one of us!

We had a beautiful day and heard so many children calling on Jesus. Everyday I wake up and I know one thing to be true. I have the most wonderful job on the planet. These children are so precious. Please hold them in your prayers. Tomorrow we are in two more cities and we will see so many more children. Please start praying for those programs.

In Jesus,
Linda for Kelsey, Drake, Leslie, Hannah, and Olivia