Dearest Friends,


In May 2017, we are planning a trip to Zambia to work with very special friends, Kim and Todd Smith. In the late 70’s, Kim was in a youth group that Mike and I were leading, but now we will be partners in an outreach to the children of Zambia. After conversations with our friends, we have decided to take art supplies as gifts to the children in the village areas. For $250.00 per 50 gallon barrel, we can ship any amount of weight. I want to pack at least 7 tubs with art supplies and new Jesus Storybook Bibles. I will need your help!

I need thousands of packs of colored pencils. Please buy the packs of 12 as all gifts need to be the same for each child. Many stores are currently running Back-To-School sales, so now would be a good time to shop. Wal Mart is selling the Cra-Z-Art pencils for $.50 per pack. If you wish to purchase Bibles, please visit and order the "Jesus Storybook Bible" (hardcover – case of 20 for only $172.70, which is a savings of 52%! These can be drop-shipped to my home and there is usually no shipping charge.

All pencils and Bibles should be shipped to the following address:

The Agape Puppets
6550 W. Armuchee Road
Summerville, GA 30747

Please let me know if you are collecting supplies for this project. So far, not a single church has notified me about helping me with this project. Thank you for being a blessing to the children of Zambia!


We have a unique opportunity to share with Muslim children who are Syrian refugees. Again this year, we will be providing them with a gift of art supplies. Crayola has a watercolor paint set that has 16 colors. I need 500 of these paint sets to put in the children’s gift bags. Please notify me if you are willing to help us with these small gifts so that Muslim children can hear about the great gift who is Jesus. Schools are willing to open their doors for us if we have something to give to the children. I will need all of these gifts by December 15, 2016.


In February, I will be returning to Nepal to continue working with children in remote areas. We have two big needs. Many women do not own a Bible because the price is so high that they can never save the money to buy one. I like to give these to the ladies who come to the women’s conferences that I teach. I would like to have a $2500 for a Bible fund. Since they only cost $5 each this enables us to put the Word of God into the hands of 500 ladies! This could be a life changing moments for the families who receive this gift. We will buy the Bibles in Nepal, so you will need to send funds and let me know the money is for Bibles.

I also want to provide my Nepali director, Tika Ram Baral, with 500 little metal cars that he can use as Christmas gifts for the children. I will also be taking Beanie Babies and would appreciate any of these you have to give. Persecution is being very intense from the radical Hindu element. Anything we can do to help Tika show kindness will help open doors for the Gospel.


Please use the mailing address mentioned in the Zambia paragraph for shipping any supplies, as well as mailing checks. If you wish to donate online, visit our website at Thank you for praying! Thank you for giving!

In Jesus,
Linda, for Drake, Leslie, and Kelsey