Dearest Friends,


This email has stories from Baltimore, New York, and Tennessee. We simply have seen so many wonderful things happen and have gotten a little bit behind. Please enjoy the following stories and please remember to pray for all of the children who heard about Jesus in the puppet shows this summer. Kelsey is typing these words as I am driving us home. We are very close to Georgia, very tired, and very happy!


For two decades plus, I have been doing shows at the Christian Community Center in Baltimore, Maryland. This is a very special place where children have been loved and watched over for a very long time. A very large tree provided us the shade we needed so that we could do a puppet show outside for a large group of children. There is one little girl that we have gotten to know the last few years. She had cancer and now has a glass eye. I think she sees better than a lot of people because she loves Jesus and sees her need for Him. There was a little 5 or 6 year old girl that talked to Kelsey, but Kelsey could not understand her because she had no teeth. She did not want Kelsey to leave. These children ache to be held and seen and loved. For many of them, this is the only safe place in their world. Please pray for all of the children in this place. Please visit their Facebook page, so you can learn more about their ongoing ministry to the children (Christian Community Center).


Last Friday, we went to an elementary school and did a puppet show for about twenty children. I was disappointed the teacher did not require all students to come and attend. However my friend, Pastor Charlie, was very wise. He told me those twenty children would tell all their friends and everyone would come to the next show at the beach.

For our second show, We set up under some trees, with a great view of Lake George. He was right! At this show, we had the whole summer camp and many other children who came to the lake that day. It was an awesome show!

A couple of things made us very sad. We were told we shared with more children at these two shows than who would hear about Jesus in all of the churches in Ticonderoga on Sunday morning. Also, one young man stormed off as soon as he heard the name of Jesus at the beach show.

It is not easy to be a Christian in New York, but we met a man on Sunday night that is a bright light for Jesus. He has faithfully pastored the same church for over 30 years. He is dying of cancer, but is determined to live every day for others until he sees Jesus. Please pray for Pastor Hoff and ask God to give him strength.

Today we flew over part of the Smoky Mountains. Okay, we were attached to zip lines, but I felt like I was flying. A friend gave us this adventure and we loved it. We saw such beautiful scenery and were reminded of the beauty God put in this world. God has blessed us everyday this summer. Please rejoice with us!

In Jesus,
Linda for Drake, Hannah, Olivia, Leslie, and Kelsey