Dearest Friends,


My puppet team went to see a castle and an old cathedral after we finished tonight. They have been enjoying chocolates with names like chomp, twirl, and crunch. They are discovering the joy of endless cups of tea. They have discovered that green has 40 shades and they are all to be found in the Irish countryside. These are wonders to them and to me, but the greatest wonders happen on the street.

We did not get rained out today! The puppet team did 6 sets with the band. Twice they opened our sets with big bear singing "Greater" by Mercy Me. Twice they did the finale with Reality. In between, I told 6 stories and did 2 drawings for the finales. We had huge crowds and struggled to believe our blessings. I finished my last story and said,"Trust Jesus!" Then the bottom fell out of the sky. We were just about to quit anyway. We all laughed, waited for the rain to stop and packed up.

So many people heard about Jesus today! My words fail me when I try to describe my joy! Many great conversations took place. We gave away lots of Bibles and so much free children’s literature. Older children were so happy to receive "Action Bible New Testaments". We ran out of the bands free CDs and had to go and get more from the church where we are sleeping. No one heckled us and no drunks wanted to hug and kiss me. It was a remarkable day where hundreds of people heard how they could put their trust in Jesus. Please pray for an ocean of precious people that the Father sent to us to discover Gods great rescue plan for them.

We stand in awe of God! We are grateful for your prayers for Limerick. Please pray us safely to The Rose of Tralee Festival. Please keep praying about the weather. Please thank God with us for His faithfulness!

In Jesus, Linda for Reality and The Agape Puppets