Dearest Friends,

Rain, Rain, Go Away

As a little girl, I learned a rhyme that said, "Rain , rain go away and come again another day." I actually love a good rainy day , as long as I have nothing to do , and can enjoy a good book and a cup of tea. However, we have a lot of work that we would love to do today and tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday. Presently, the rain is an enormous problem. It is not misting, but pouring. Please pray with us for God to just stop the rain. So many times, I have told the story of Jesus calming the storm. I know God can come this storm!

Still, in the midst of this rain, we saw God do something beautiful last night. We were standing on the street with our equipment hoping that the rain would stop so that we could set up. A young man stopped to talk with us. He has downs syndrome and seemed to function at about the level of a 10-year-old boy. His parents were with him and told us that the puppets were his favorite part of the Rose of Tralee festival. He had been waiting all day so that he could see a puppet show, especially big bear!

Over the years, we have done many puppet shows in the rain, but this was simply too much rain for the sound system and speakers that we need to use. We told him that we would wait and hope to set up in about an hour. It began to rain harder! We sheltered in a doorway, in the trailer, and then one of the vehicles and we prayed . The rain did not stop and we knew the Father had closed the door. I specifically asked God to bring that young man back before we finished packing.

God answered! No sooner had I finished the prayer, than he and his parents came walking up to us. We gave him a copy of the bands new CD and an action Bible New Testament. I wish you could’ve seen his face! He was literally shaking with joy because he was so happy to receive the small gifts. You would’ve thought it was Christmas morning from his reaction. One of the band members was especially touched by his reaction and was quite overcome with emotion. In truth, his joy made a very wet evening worth it all!

Please pray for this young man and pray for the weather today to be better. We are going to try again and we have hope that God will make away just share with all of these dear people who surround us, but are living without hope.

In Jesus, Linda for Reality and The Agape Puppets