Dearest Friends,


Our last day of doing shows in Ireland was little over two weeks ago. I am still in awe of what I saw God do that day. Though we have enjoyed wonderful weather for Dublin, Galway, and Limerick, it poured in Tralee. It seemed every time we went to the street to do a show, it rained harder. Sunday, August 22, was our last day to do ministry in Tralee. We were determined to get to the street! We met for prayer and left to stand in the rain.

For over two hours, we stood under the eave of a building and waiting for God to stop the rain. One of our friends later told us that he really enjoyed watching us work. He said that even an Irishman would not have believed the rain was going to stop. He said that it made him smile that we asked God to do something and waited in the rain for God to answer our prayers. Finally, we all rejoiced as God stopped the rain and gave us a patch of blue sky right over us.

As we were setting up, a lady came and spoke to me. She appeared to be in her sixties, well-dressed, and had a nice smile. You will not believe this story! She said, "I have been looking for you. I thought you might be on the street tonight. Two years ago, you spoke to me and I listened. I was going to kill myself, but I did not. I have been reading the Bible you gave me and it changed my life!" Praise God! This story illustrates why it is so important to do street ministry. So many of the people that are most desperately in need of the hope of Jesus are not coming into our churches. We need to go to them.

Always in Ireland, we are asking ourselves the following questions. How can we take this wonderful story that God has given outside of the church walls? How do we tell all of the hopeless people that there is hope? We must go to the street.

During these shows, we gave more Jesus Storybook Bibles and Action Bible New Testaments than in all of the three cities added together. The children were eager to receive these gifts. Please pray for each child that received a Bible. Please pray for all of their parents. Ask God to give these families a real desire to know more about Jesus.

This was the best trip to Ireland that we have ever had. Working with Reality, is always a sweet delight! I want to especially thank Leslie Nichols for the remarkable way she led the puppet team. This was her first time doing this and did an outstanding job. I am also grateful for Sam and Silvana Shaw, God’s Handiwork, for their kindness and love and patience. Please pray for all of us as we have many exciting adventures for this fall.

In Jesus Linda for The Agape Puppets, Reality, and God’s Handiwork