Dearest Friends,

A Very Blustery Day!!!

God was very kind to us today! We were able to get out on the street and do puppet shows and share with the children. The band was able to sing and people were able to share their testimonies. However , we all laughed because we forgot to pray about the wind. It simply never occurred to me that the wind could be almost as much of a problem as the rain. The stage kept trying to walk across the sidewalk and everything was flying everywhere. It was very cold and so not as many families were out.

The distractions and the interruptions were epic. The street was supposed to be blocked off so that there was only pedestrian traffic. However, they made quite a few exceptions. Three buses , 2 ambulances, a trash truck and a number of cars all came down the road. Every time the children and their families had to move. There was also a marching band of clowns, as well as a number of odd performers. When we started today, we had four fairies in the crowd. Ok.. It is a little crazy out there.

Still, in the midst of the craziness, some beautiful things happened! I watched one man in particular who stared with amazing focus. He was listening to every word that was spoken by the band , as well as listening to their songs. There were children that listened with their hearts when I was telling them the stories about Jesus and how He can change all of us. We told so many people today how they could put their trust in Jesus and I know that God will move in their lives! Sadly, I watched to many parents take their children away soon as I said the name of Jesus. Always the parents are walking down the street holding onto the children , but the children are looking backwards trying to catch the last bit of the story. It’s at that point that I make sure I talk very fast. I want them to leave with the whole story.

Today, Sunday, is our last day to share at the Rose of Tralee festival. They advertised Reality and The Agape Puppets on big signs throughout the festival area where they listed all of the performances and activities. Beside our names were written these words," Longtime friends of the festival who bring an uplifting message for all". We want to be light and see people on the street discover the hope only Jesus gives. Please pray that the wind and the rain and the buses and the clowns and the cars and all the rest of it will not keep the children from hearing that they are a treasure to God.

In Jesus, Linda for Reality and The Agape Puppets