Dearest Friends,

The Light That Will Not Be Stopped

Last year , I shared with you about a Muslim friend who was determined to publically follow Jesus. He was executed by people determined to stop his message. Shortly after his baptism., as a result of his strong public testimony, many heard about how Jesus loved them. Things became too difficult for our friends to continue their work in that place, They were so sad as it seemed the darkness was winning.

When they were finally able to return, they expected to find nothing, but the Father had done something amazing! The work had grown and multiplied beyond all of their hopes. Some new believers had even returned to Syria with the story of Jesus. They needed Bibles desperately! They prayed for them!

The Amazing Donkey

A donkey became their answer to prayer. He knows the way across the border. There are animals everywhere in the Middle East. He is never noticed. They load him up with Bibles and he delivers them to those who desperately need them. Praise God for this donkey !

You can help the donkey in his kingdom work! We need more Bibles. Each one cost 30 dollars. It is a really nice zippered Bible, perfect for traveling.

Please let me know if you want to help with this project and continue our friend ‘s legacy of faith. His sacrifice was the spark God used to call so many to Jesus!

Please cover this project with prayer!

In Jesus, Linda