Dearest Friends,

Sweet Blessings

Please remember that everyone of these blessings happened in a place where many people would say such wonders are impossible. Our God is the God of the impossible!

1. Before I left the states, I specifically asked the Lord to make it possible for me to see one of my refugee friends . It was at her house that we did a puppet show many years ago and she asked me to come back and speak to the women she knew. That began a women’s Bible study that grew and I shared with them every time I came. For the last 2 years, it was too dangerous for her to be seen with me. Praise God , she moved to a safer place and we had a beautiful visit! She is without a doubt one of the sweetest believers I have ever met. As a Muslim, she gave up so much to follow Jesus and has no regrets! She asked me to move here so we could see each other every day.

2. We spent part of yesterday and today stuffing gift backpacks for some needy Lebanese children and for a very large village school. As I picked yup every gift, I thought about everyone’s generosity. My church family here was so overwhelmed by all that I brought. Thank you for putting smiles on so many children’s faces . Your gifts opened doors to tell children about Jesus.

3. The house fellowship that I partner with here has officially become a church and ordained a pastor. He is a fearless man who risks everything to tell people about Jesus. God has blessed his ministry with much fruit as all kinds of people are trusting in Jesus. I have the joy of calling him one of my dearest friends across many years!

4. I met with 2 brothers who have trusted in Jesus. They are Muslim men who trusted in Jesus and paid a big price. I will devote one email to their story. I am spending time with heroes.

5. I was blessed to meet with Christian friends and share with them a David Jeremiah Bible study on God’s love. Everyone looked up scriptures and shared as we studied together about how dearly the Father loves us!

6. I am happy to report that the donkey will be delivering many Bibles. If you missed the last email, you will find out about his adventures there. I am still praying for more!

In Jesus, Linda