Dearest Friends,

God’s Kindness

It is getting very cold here and the schools we were working in closed. They have little or no heat. However, God was kind to us! We have finished our programs. One village school had no space to gather the children except outside. The Father gave us a beautiful warm day . So many Muslim children have heard about God’s rescue plan for them.

I always tell the children that Jesus can take away their fear. They listen. This is a place full of fear.

It is not a safe place to follow Jesus. I can not write about all the problems , but I ask you to pray for the children. I have been telling them stories about heroes and how they can follow the ultimate hero , Jesus Christ. They are very brave! My friend saw a little Muslim girl praying very quietly, asking Jesus to rescue her. Her head was covered, but her heart was open. I have many friends here who will continue to help this little girl understand about Jesus. God is good!

In Jesus, Linda